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As down, dirty, and smelly as it comes, proudly presents the return of Incaged to Obsessions. Incaged will be performing with old school metal heads Catalyst on April 25th. Please check the show page as some of the bands we are playing with at upcoming shows are being switched around. We'll post changes as we get them. And in other news, merchandise is on its way! We know its been awhile but Incaged will shortly be selling Hoodies and T-shirts. Soon merch will once again be available through the website. Thats all for now...stay metal. Incaged w/ Catalyst @ Obsessions in Randolph, NJ, show starts at 7 and we're selling adv. tickets for 10 bucks. E-mail for tickets!


Incaged has just got a new show! Go to the shows page and check it out. Also, some new links have been added to the links page.


The guest book is back online, other minor things have been changed


Welcome to the newly remolded Incaged Website.

The guest book page is down. Sorry.


Incaged would like to announce one last switch in our line-up. Steve will no longer be taking on bass duties for Incaged and in his stead will be long time friend of the band Christian Falzarano, AKA Falzo. So welcome Falzo to Incaged, and stay metal...


Incaged is now partaking in the 2003 Battle of the bands Our performance in the first round is on March 30th At the Bloomfield ave. Cafe in Montclair, NJ. We're selling advanced tickets for 8 bucks and tickets will be ten at the door. If you get the tickets at the show be sure to tell them you're there to see INCAGED. We hope to see all you metal mother f***ers there! Stay metal...


The 2/15 show at Bradley Gardens has been postponed till the Saturday after, the 22nd of February. Please come out and Support Incaged in their first show since August with Arch enemy. Other bands playing include: Agents of Man, DTA, a moments peace, Friendly Fire, and Strength in numbers. More shows on the way...stay metal.


Incaged has been hard at work with their new sound and new material and all of us are very excited to show you everything we've been working on since we left the scene in august. Incaged is coming back full force, and we ain't stopping this time for anything. We would like to welcome Tom and Brandon back to band as well as our new member, formally of the band Vigrid, Steve Oriolo on the bass. With the line up now in place and the new songs in their final stages the band has begun to start booking shows again. The first of which being with @ the Bridgewater Fire house on Old York road with Agents of man and A moments peace on February 15. We hope to see you all there!!! Stay metal...


Incaged is hard at work on new material and is looking to get back out to thrashing live again for everyone real soon. Some final changes are occurring in the line up and the songs are being refined. Be ready for the return...


Incaged is now featured on the Turkey Vultures record compilation. "The harder the better volume II". To order this compilation go to: the compilation also features: New Society Of Anarchists, Blood Of Abel, Behind The Sun, Macakongs, Incaged, Infusion, S.O.S., Warmonger, Thanatos Don't Exist, Mad Circle, New Society, The Feisty Brown Trouts, Boxhead, This Guy, Eighth Nerve, Cernunnos, Minor Disturnance, The Needle Pimps, Complete Bastards, Imano, Eyes Of Hate, Sludge!, and Space Robot Scientists


Incaged is taking a slight hiatus from performing for the time being. New material has already begun to be rehearsed. Look for some some new sound clips in the not so distant future. With the beginnings of new material, we wish to cease production of the older stuff. This means if you want a copy of "Amongst the Poison Flowers" see the merchandise section and order them while they are still left. Also, keep checking the news section for new info on the new revitalized line up.


Incaged is now playing the Archenemy/Nile/Hate Eternal show at Birch Hill Nightclub ticket information is at the shows section. To join the new mailing list send an email to with a subject line of Mailing List.


Incaged is now playing the NJ Soilwork/Hypocrisy/KillswitchEngage at club Krome. E-mail for tickets. in other news incaged cd's can now also be purchased at Scotties Records


The band has made arrangements for "Amongst the Poison Flowers" to be sold at Curmudgeon Music. Go pick it up there, from us, and at shows!! Stay metal...


Check the shows page as events will be added regularly. The band is now selling tickets for their April 26th appearance at Obsessions. Also the "Amongst the poison flowers" demo is now available for five dollars. You can order one from the website, or catch us at a show. We'll try to make the CD available at some stores. Look for updates on that. Stay metal....


Incaged is back with a vengeance featuring new members. On drums we have Ruston, on Guitar we have Alex, and on Keyboards now we have Brian. Matt and Greg are still around waiting to kick Incaged back into gear. The new guys are catching up on all the old songs and whatnot and the guys are gonna start to hit the stage again in March with a little practice show in February. And the much anticipated EP "Amongst the poison flowers" is still on hold. The band isn't sure what exactly its plans are with the old recordings for right now. Plans to rerecord the EP with a new track in the spring are currently in the works. The full version of Burning Serenity is now up on for your listening enjoyment, and other clips from "Amongst the poison flowers should be appearing soon. Keep checking the website for more details. In web-related news. Incaged now has a new webmaster. Meet Jason. He's gonna be taking care of shit now so you can see regular updates and whatnot. We're working out some of the kinks of the old site and things will be running smoothly soon. Pictures of all the new members and some old live shots will be coming soon. As for the mailing list we still have to get the passwords from the old webmaster for that, so if you haven't received anything yet hold your damn horses. Stay Metal...


website under new management i hope to keep you guys updated regularly. if you need to contact me the webmaster check out the contact page.


the mailing list is up, you can sign up for the mailing list by filling out the form above


The band is beginning to regroup after a slight hiatus from the summer. New songs are being constructed, and will start to appear in the bands live set within the next month. Incaged has no shows as of yet, but we are working on making a few appearances, e-mail the band at for booking. For right now though however the band is working hard to finish their self produced debut "Amongst the poison flowers," Witch will be available through this website (mail order), The band members, and at shows. Also T-shirts are still for sale available from those same places. That's all for now...stay metal!!


the merchandise section had been updated, you can now order incaged stuff.. pictures are coming soon. an mp3 clip of our song, burning serenity, is up in the mp3 section as well.


the shows, and the biography sections have been updated. mailing list, merchandise, and sounds are coming soon.


a new show is up, check out the shows section for info. on that one.. also, some pictures are up in the images section. take a look at those. more coming soon.